President’s message

President’s message.

September, 2014

Dear Venetian Friend

When I decided to create the Venetian National Government I made it with the purpose to wake up out of centuries time-long coma the Venetian Population.

1)      Venetian Population is Giuridic Subject that can esercitare their own rights in full and total freedom. They just need the will to do it.

2)      I didn't accept to be submitted to italian jurisdiction. My inner sense of justice and the faith I repose in my Venetian brothers is the fuel that made me go on and on.

In the name of this ideal I sacrificed my confortable and safe life going straight to incertainty, going to face a not clear destiny, being aware that the whole world might be unprepaired to accept our righteous decision.

Toghether with other Nobil Femene and Nobil Homeni loyal to the common cause and faithful to San Marco I renounced to my italian citizenship.

We decidec to exist and live just like veneti.

We refused italian citizenship.

This means that we do not consider the italian institution as our representative, that we refuse the italian political sistem, the juridic  sistem, the state and it's laws.

That's why we created our Fundamental Juridic Authority ,the only Authority recognised by Venetian Population, the Venetian Nation,that is therefore entitled to create an Originary Form of  Statethat can not be confused as an act of refusal of a simple italian citizen living in Veneto Region but a self ruling State.

3)      This is the gift that the Governo Nasionae Veneto prepared for the Venetian Population.

Our desire is that all of you might join the Venetian Community, that at present is working after this project for re-creating an "old new world" that is beyond Italy.

We are here to teach and show you that freedom is not something you beg for, but something that you must be prepaired to conquer and practice in full.

Ask back for your venetian nationality.

Let's make this juridically mature form, always stroger and stronger.

4)      The Venetian Historical Anagraphic Service is the free of fee instrument that you can use to walk by our side.

5)      Enroll to the "Historical Venetian Anagraph of Venetian People" is the way you have to declare that you are aware you are entitled of Original Sovranity over Venetian Territories and to support our project.

6)      Why do I need to be enrolled in the "Historical Anagraph of Venetian People"?

7)      Because now you are just an italian citizen living in the Veneto Region but after your enrollment you are a real Venetian Citizen.

8)      Without any risk by your side you can be at full a member of this new world that we want to create.

9)      This is a real Declaration of Independence. We started it, and we would like you tobe a part of it!

10)  If you need to get moredetails or informations about our project, please feel free to contact us


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